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16 - 02 - 2022

Why product photography for e-commerce is important and what is the key tool for selling

Why product photography for e-commerce is important and what is the key tool for selling

Nowadays, online sales have skyrocketed and product photography has become the most important part of this type of business.

Shoppers consider that these photographs are the ones that will influence their purchasing decision. A good photograph or set of photographs that define the product will make the difference with the competition.

Aim of product photography for e-commerce

The main objective of product photography for e-commerce is to visually describe a product that is not tangible, for this reason it is essential to take a good photograph; in it the customer has to clearly see all its characteristics, such as size, colour, texture, ... and at the same time we have to work on points of view and lighting that highlight its aesthetic quality to capture the attention and arouse the desire to buy; we must transmit as much information as possible about the product, describe it in a clear and simple way, maintaining at all times a high technical level and visual appeal.

Image quality for e-commerce photos

Giving a good quality image is becoming more and more indispensable and this can be decisive to transmit a professional image of the company, generating more seriousness and confidence are relevant factors in online sales, and your business must transmit these attitudes.

Tips for product photography

We encourage you to visit our article: "how to do product photography for catalogue" where we explain in more detail some tricks and factors to take into account when doing product photography. And if you feel like it, visit our website to get to know us better and encourage you to make us part of your project.


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Types of product photography

You can use in neutral background photography, normally for e-commerce photography, and publicity photography. The best option is to use both methods, as each has its own intention.