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04 - 02 - 2022

How to take product photos for catalogues:

How to take product photos for catalogues:
The main thing is the product. It is necessary to study it and find the best way to show it through photography.
It is essential to have good lighting and a suitable framing to define it correctly. It is also important to clearly show a description of its functionality.
These factors are the ones that increase the aesthetics and characteristics of the product, thus avoiding possible disappointments for the buyer.
It is usually done on neutral backgrounds, normally white or grey, although personally we believe it is interesting to accompany these images with another type of photography that also works the environment.

What should you take into account to take a product photo for catalogues? 

The camera

The first mistake that the amateur makes is to entrust this type of photography to the use of simple cameras or mobiles. Obviously nowadays these cameras and mobiles can take fantastic photographs, but even so they are still automated tools that you cannot control, rather, they are the ones that decide what to do and not you, the ideal is to have a camera that allows you to play with the light and the focus.
We advise the use of a tripod, as this will allow you to better control the situation.

The focus

When we take product photographs with a neutral background, we will look for the whole product to be in focus, since what you are interested in is showing the product in its entirety with as much detail as possible.
However, when we want to set the product in a scene, the best thing to do is to focus on a specific area of the product and let the blur gradually appear, so the background will be completely separated and the product will be very strong in the image.

The background

On a neutral background, it is important that all the images in the catalogue have the same tone so that there is order and elegance.
It is possible that at the moment of shooting the photograph, this background may vary due to the lighting that has been given to the product. If this happens, it is advisable, by retouching, to cut the outline of the product and then put the desired tone to ensure homogeneity. In this step you will notice how important it is that the whole product has focus, because if the product loses focus, the trimming will be more complex to perform.

The point of view

It is essential to study the product and find the best angle to be photographed, where it is best defined and at the same time its aesthetic quality is enhanced. It is of vital importance that the product is not deformed, so knowing how to choose the necessary optics will be one of the keys, for this reason we advise avoiding the use of angular optics.


This is the most complex point of photography and the one that will make the difference with the competition. Good lighting will highlight the aesthetics of the product and make it more eye-catching, generating more interest in the potential customer.
For reflective surfaces, a soft light will help. For textured objects it is crucial to use a counter light to highlight the texture.
And with sidelights you will create highlights and shadows, thus marking volume.

Editing and retouching

You should choose the best images from the shoot, the ones where the product is fully explained and retouch those images following exactly the same criteria for all of them. In the post-production work it is very important that all the images look homogeneous.

These are some tricks that can help you take product photos, but the reality is that the best thing for your business is to hire a professional photographer both to take product photography and for photo retouching and post-production. It is essential that product photography for ecommerce and catalogues is of high quality, as this will ensure an increase in sales, reduce returns, and increase the number of visits to your website or business.
Nowadays, with the easy access to the world of photography, people make the mistake of thinking that one click is enough, but the truth is that the work that a professional photographer can do is what will make the difference with the rest of the market.
We encourage you to get to know us and consider the possibility of leaving such a crucial task in our hands the product photography for your catalog.

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