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04 - 03 - 2022

Types of product photography

Types of product photography

The purpose of product photography is to present a certain object in the most attractive and reliable way possible that you want to exhibit and/or market.

You can use in neutral background photography, normally for e-commerce photography, and publicity photography to achieve this goal, the best option is to use both methods, as each has its own intention.

Product advertising photography

Publicity photography aims to generate a sense of familiarity with the product through its contextualisation, while highlighting its aesthetic side. While e-commerce photography is more informative, it focuses on showing the product and describing it in detail.

Similarly, while publicity photography can be categorised into different types, such as product, gastronomic, corporate or lifestyle. Any object intended to be displayed or sold can be a type of e-commerce photography: clothing and footwear, cosmetics and jewellery, electrical appliances and furniture, electronics, office and household objects, kitchen utensils, food... in short, any object.

Product photography for e-commerce

Within photography for e-commerce, we can focus more on the types of photography than on the shots we want to take.
We can take the object in question and photograph it from various angles, normally front, side and back.
f the object requires it, it would also be interesting to take a more daring shot of it, a dive shot or a shot against the grain, in order to describe something that might be interesting to show.
It is also essential to look for detail, whether it is because the product has something striking to show, the brand, or even the texture.
And finally, products that are made up of more than one piece, allow you to make small still lifes by separating their parts and combining them.

If to all the material described above, we add the use of advertising photography, you can have a very descriptive and striking sample of the object to generate sufficient interest and encourage the buyer to obtain it.

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