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Clothes photography

Clothes photography

Finding the most attractive way to present any garment

The purpose of clothing photography for ecommerce is to present a specific garment in the most attractive and reliable way possible for its exhibition or sale. This type of photography focuses on showing the shapes, colours, fabrics, finishes and qualities of the garment in order to give a complete description.

Apart from the photograph of the garment itself, it is advisable to accompany it with still lifes or compositions between several garments, videos or giffs, and sessions with models. All these resources are elements that help to enhance the aesthetics and the buyer's interest.

It is important that the photography of clothing for ecommerce is of quality, as this ensures an increase in sales, reduces returns, and increases the number of visits to the website.

How do we work with clothing photography for ecommerce?

For Photoecommerce the main thing is to meet the client's needs, either by offering new proposals or by adapting our way of working to their aesthetics, as some brands are particularly interested in creating their own style that defines them.

We work with the invisible mannequin, the invisible hanger and the flat, depending on the garment or the client's requirements.

We give special importance to the details, we do not work with crops of the main image. A detail has the same importance as the garment itself, in them we can show the fabrics, the labels of interest, curiosities of the garment, ... points of view that in the general photography are never so appreciable.


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