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08 - 02 - 2022

The best backgrounds for product photography

The best backgrounds for product photography

The most practical background for most photographs is white. It gives us a clean, luminous background, ideal for highlighting the product, and it is the easiest background to cut out later, and the one that will best adapt to ecommerce photography.

Choosing the background colour for product photography

The colours of the background invade the product, so if the background is coloured, this will be reflected in it, and this will cause more retouching work. If you want to use coloured backgrounds, one option is to use the white background, cut out the product and then put the background colour of your choice, so you will respect the tone of the product and the colour will only affect the background.

Acrylic coloured backgrounds

Another option similar to the white background are the acrylics, which will give you the same as a white background, and in addition, depending on the type of finish or opacity, will give you a reflection of the product, which depending on what it is for, can be interesting. Another advantage is that as they are rigid plates, you will not have the problems of wrinkles that can be caused by cardboard or fabric backgrounds, although be careful not to scratch them. This option will also allow you to illuminate through the backdrop.

Dark backgrounds

The black background conveys elegance and you can create very interesting effects. It gives a strong image and is perfect for playing with harsh treatment of lights and contras to enhance the product.

Tips for choosing the background of the product image

In still life product photography, backgrounds don't always have to be uniform and simple, but the product has to function as the centre of attention in the image, so simplicity is a good rule to follow.
We could use wood, tiles, marble, stones, textured finishes, whatever comes to your imagination, there are endless possibilities.
As an aesthetic tip we could say that in this type of photography, the set itself is what will draw attention, so it is interesting to try to blur the background so that it does not distract too much, so you will keep the strength of the whole, but you will highlight the product, which is what really matters.

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Types of product photography

You can use in neutral background photography, normally for e-commerce photography, and publicity photography. The best option is to use both methods, as each has its own intention.